March 23rd - 25th, 2018
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CheerExpo National Championship: March 24th - 25th, 2018

Halifax Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia

What is the Watch & Learn Bracelet?

A watch & learn bracelet allows you access to all Saturday and Sunday classes during the CheerExpo. It also includes a two-day spectator pass. Athletes and coaches of competing teams automatically get passes to all classes included in their competition registration and do not need to purchase watch & learn passes.

How do I sign up for classes?

Classes are first come, first served. There is no advance registration per class. Purchase a Watch & Learn bracelet and you have access to all classes. Check the schedules menu tab the week before the event to see the class schedule for the event. Check out last years' schedule in the Schedules link above to get an idea of the types of classes offered.

Who can purchase Watch & Learn Bracelets?
Anyone (ages 5 and up) may purchase a Watch & Learn bracelet. Please keep in mind that anyone 18 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult (over the age of 21) to the classes. The adult must also purchase a Watch & Learn bracelet and fill out a waiver form. If you are a team, the coach or an adult parent/designate must accompany the team to classes if members are 18 or under.

What is the cost?

Watch & Learn Bracelet cost $50 plus tax (15%) per person if purchased before January 8th, 2018. After January 8th, the cost is $60 plus tax per person. Please note: In order to qualify for the early rate, payments must be RECEIVED by January 8th. Also please note that unlike competing teams, there are NO free coaches for teams/groups purchasing Watch & Learn Passes.

How To Pre-Register for a Watch & Learn Bracelet:

Send a completed waiver form for each bracelet requested and a certified check, bank draft or money order for the total amount plus 15% tax to: 13 Newport Drive, Petawawa, Ontario, K8H 0C9. Payment must be made as a group. Personal cheques will not be accepted. Groups can use the attached registration form or email us a team list. Email money transfers are also accepted.

All advance orders of Watch & Learn Bracelets must be received by February 16th. Otherwise, they will have to be purchased at the event. Make certified check, bank draft or money order payable to CheerExpo. In the subject line (Re:) please write: Watch & Learn Pass. Cash is acceptable at the event only.

Picking up your bracelets:

Both individuals and groups will pick up passes onsite during event hours. If you are purchasing watch & learn passes as a group, the coach of the team (or designated contact person of the group) will pick up the passes from the registration desk and distribute them to the group. Groups who have registered in advance will have priority in the line up. The passes can be picked up any time during event hours, or, on set up day (Friday March 23rd) between 4pm and 6pm. When the designated person picks up the passes, they must pick up all passes at once.

Wearing your bracelet:

They must be worn at all times on the wrist. The passes should be put on tight enough so they do not slip off but not so tight that they cut off circulation! Each time you leave, just show security your bracelet before you re-enter. The bracelets are waterproof so no need to worry about swimming in the pool at your hotel (if applicable). They should only come off if ripped or cut off. If this happens, you can get your bracelet replaced at the registration desk or the info booth but you must have the old one to pass in. If the old bracelet is lost, it will have to be re-purchased.

Class Space Rules:

Absolutely no food or drink permitted in Class Spaces (except water). There is also no food or drink permitted on or around the competition floor or practice mats.

No outside footwear is permitted in the practice or class spaces. This includes coaches! If you only have outside footwear, please remove your footwear when entering the room and especially before walking on the mats. Bare feet are not permitted so if you are not bringing a clean pair of sneakers to wear inside….bring socks.

Competition & class schedules will be posted on the schedules page at least one week before the event.



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